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Better with Butter!

What is "cultured" butter?

Cultured butter, also known as European-style butter, is a treat. It has a slightly tangy, nutty taste & a creamier texture than American-style butter.

Making butter is a pretty simple process: take cream & churn, churn, churn until it forms butter. Sometimes, salt is added. Making cultured butter involves an additional step & more time -- fermentation. After the cream is pasteurized, bacterial cultures are added, very similar to how yogurt is made. The cream then ferments overnight, thickening slightly, before it is churned into butter. This fermentation step adds a fuller, more acidic, more pronounced butter flavor.

When to use cultured butter?

Cultured butter can be used in place of American-style butter. But it is more expensive. The best time to splurge & opt for cultured butter is when you want the butter flavor to really shine. Think biscuits, shortbread, pie crust, muffins, or a pat on morning toast. Using cultured butter makes one wonder "Why are these muffins so amazing!?!?!" with each bite. Just a little extra but noticeable.

Cultured butter also makes a wonderful, unique gift for your favorite baker or butter lover.

The Market at 70 North carries 16 oz logs of cultured butter by Vermont Creamery, both unsalted & lightly salted. The Creamery describes their butter's flavor as having notes of buttermilk & hazelnuts.

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