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Elevated Comfort

Chef Scott Hoffner team creates an experience where you can be both comfortable & entertained, familiar yet inspired.  He looks forward to cooking for holidays & Monday nights, alike.  Celebrations & the end of a long day.  Throughout the seasons, Chef Hoffner & his 70 North team create Menus, from a casual weeknight dinner to a multi-course gastronomic experience. 

Local & Seasonal

Cooking locally & seasonally in New Hampshire is both easy & a joy.  Countless ingredients, such as microgreens, beets, garlic scapes, fresh pork, yogurt, & berries, can be sourced from local farms.  Weekly farmers markets, throughout the year, showcase our state's bounty.  And an ever-changing seasonal palette, that starts with maple syrup in late winter & ends with canning in late fall, leads to an ever-changing menu.  Always plenty to explore & partake!

Sharing & Learning

70 North is a great spot to share a plate and a love of food, drink, & great company.  Chef Scott & his team relish the opportunity to share their passion & their craft.   If you are curious about a flavor or a product or a preparation, please ask.  Also, please subscribe to our mailing list or keep an eye on our Events page & social media for upcoming classes & special events.  

A note about dining with us

Unlike The Market, The Kitchen @ 70 North is not a restaurant.  

We don't take reservations or walk-ins.  And although there might be some occasions when you place an order, most Menus are pre-fixe. 

But it is very easy to join us & see the Menu by clicking RSVP.  

The Kitchen @ 70 North is like a "Supper Club", in every sense of the word, from ancient Rome to the midwestern Supper Club culture, to the recent indie foodie scene.  But still uniquely & comfortably New Hampshire.  

We are thrilled to plan, prepare, serve & host you for a memorable meal.  To do so, we need appropriate lead time to select the best ingredients, test & refine our menu, prepare our staff, and take are of all the details.  And you need time to check your calendar.  

So please see what Chef Hoffner & his team have on the Menu & let us know if we will be expecting you.

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