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Roll Out of Bed to an Easy Breakfast

There's a lot of food planning & prep during the holidays.

But you've got to worry about breakfast, too!?!? Ugh. Seriously?

Even more complicated if you've got family staying at your place. Who wants to roll out of bed & be a chipper host to a bevy of hungry houseguests when the turkey needs to get into that oven?

First, grab coffee.

Second, check out our quick & easy ways to get breakfast done. Check!


Tip: Pop in Toaster

Tip: Just add eggs

In The Market, our topped focaccia has a one day shelf life. We only sell it at its absolute prime. Focaccia is traditionally, in the Italian sense, eaten at room temperature, the day it is made. But like with just about anything, focaccia can be enjoyed at home for days. Wrap it well in plastic wrap or a plastic bag. Refresh it by popping it in the toaster -- stay away from the microwave, as it changes the texture quite a bit. I also store my focaccia in the fridge, to further extend the shelf life, but it definitely needs to be toasted then. That's how I like it best anyway. Warm & crispy.

Since 70N's focaccia is often topped with cheese, seasoning & herbs, and/or charcuterie, it does a lot of the heavy lifting to accompany any dish. It's already so flavorful that you don't need to do much work. For a quick easy breakfast, for one or for a crowd, just whip up some eggs. Scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, whatever!

Need to make eggs for a CROWD?

This is my go-to recipe when I need to make a whole pan of scrambled eggs. They turn out great. Just make sure EACH egg gets whipped up well. If a yolk gets missed & remains whole, it'll turn into a hard-boiled yolk in the middle of your fluffy scrambled eggs. Nothing's ruined. It's just a little weird to find that yellow eyeball in there.

If you want to add something extra, a little avocado or spinach or fresh sliced tomato are wonderful additions.


Tip: Make the night before

Tip: Use 70N's Finnish Cinnamon Rolls or French Batard

Again, in The Market, our bread & rolls are only sold the day they are baked; but at home, days-old Cinnamon Rolls & French Batard make fabulous baked french toast. Another easy way to make breakfast for a crowd.

This basic baked French toast recipe is easy & failsafe and is best prepped the night before. All you have to do in the morning is bake it. Just make sure you take it out of the fridge early enough to bring it up to room temperature before baking; otherwise, it will take quite a bit longer to bake. (I generally inform the entire house the night before, "Whoever is the first one awake needs to take the French toast out of the fridge. And make sure it is NOT near the edge of the counter where the dog can help himself.")

The 70N Finnish rolls are already seasoned with cinnamon & cardamon -- so one less ingredient for you to pull out. Don't worry about slicing & layering the bread or rolls. A rough chop is totally fine. Think crouton-sized. Just dump the bread bits into the buttered/sprayed pan.


TIP: Use jarred grapefruit

TIP: Add a Fabbri fruit & syrup

To complete your breakfast spread, a quick side of fruit is perfect. Jarred or canned grapefruit & fresh strawberries work really well. They don't turn brown. They have pretty consistent flavor & texture. Also, young ones usually devour strawberries. Just make sure you set some strawberries aside for the kiddos who will ONLY eat the berries. Oranges are also a good substitute. If you want to add more fruit, raspberries & mangos would be my next addition.

And to make any fruit special, add some Fabbri fruit & syrup. 70N carries both Fabbri wild strawberries and Fabbri ginger. Mince some of the Fabbri fruit and/or just add a few spoonfuls of the Fabbri syrup. Your guests won't be able to pinpoint why your fruit salad tastes so much better/different. It just does. A few dashes of triple sec or Cointreau also enhances a fruit salad effortlessly.

Happy Holidays!

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