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What's a Supper Club?

The first Supper Club was established in Beverly Hills, CA by a Wisconsin native in the 1930s as a social & culinary alternative to membership-only country clubs. It was a huge hit! Supper Clubs quickly gained popularity over the next few decades & became entrenched in Mid-Western culture, especially in Michigan, Wisconsin, & Minnesota, even today. They tend to be established on the edge of rural communities & serve a limited menu. They have an upscale, yet comfortable, casual, & relaxed vibe. Most Supper Clubs would start with cocktails & end with entertainment and be a place where people could spend the whole evening. Here's a fun newscast, reporting on Wisconsin Supper Clubs: VIDEO. Recently, the Supper Club genre has had a resurgence, cropping up around the country in different iterations & styles, such as an "underground restaurant" or a "pop-up" restaurant.

While the 70N Supper Club is not 100% true to the traditional Clubs of the Midwest, many aspects are reminiscent. The 70N Supper Club Series requires NO membership. Just an RSVP to reserve your seats. Once your RSVP is confirmed, payment will be taken. The price includes service, tax, non-alcoholic beverages, & coffee or tea service. Often times, a glass of house wine is included. There is often a wine-pairing option as well as cash bar offerings. While the food & service is upscale, the ambience is casual. There are minimal decisions to be made, & the courses are served at a leisurely pace, allowing plenty of time to relax, socialize, & enjoy. And in true to Midwestern Supper Club style, we are not turning any tables: the table is yours for the evening, to sit & linger or to head off to your next adventures as soon as you are through.

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