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The Winni Roll

In its short time in the 70 North pastry case, the Winni Roll has become a sought-after favorite. Beautiful to look at & equally swoon-worthy to eat. A rare pastry feat: decadent for both eye & palette.

Chef Hoffner's team currently makes Winni Rolls in a few standard flavors including pistachio & chocolate hazelnut (ie, Nutella). They surprise us (quite frequently, to our delight) with special flavors like strawberries & vanilla sugar cookie. He plans to offer seasonal flavors as well. Yes, yes, I have encouraged him to embrace pumpkin spice! Cross your fingers & stay tuned.

Over the summer, Chef Hoffner spent hours in the kitchen, developing recipes. Some traditional, centuries-old favorites like scones. And then The Winni Roll -- his take on the Suprême Roll (created at Lafayette Grande Café & Bakery in NYC) which then became a European favorite known as the New York Roll. The Roll is circular croissant dough, filled with things like flavored pastry cream or Nutella or jam or ganache, topped with a sprinkle of a little something extra, like hazelnuts, freeze dried strawberries, or pearl sugar. The crème brûlée is topped with a layer of hardened, caramelized sugar.

Light & flakey, decadent, sweet, creamy, & gooey. So very worth it . . . (And yes, everything is made from scratch).

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